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Indy software list

This page was written by Christopher Spry. It is a list to remind me where to get updates of the IRIX software to use under IRIX 6.5.*

Listing software installed on your computer

'versions -b' will list the software already installed. Details are kept in the /var/insts directory. See 'man versions'. 

'showprods | grep 09/20/1999' will list software installed on a particular day, 09/20/1999 in this case (note the order of month/day/year).

Obtaining software from elsewhere

SGI 'freeware' Programs are available to download and install.

Additional software that I have installed, besides the programs on IRIX CDs

I regret that this list is incomplete.

  • acroread (Acrobat reader) v 301. Adobe This has been setup as an 'plug-in' for Navigator
  • analog v 4.13 Stephen Turner. World Wide Web log analysis software
  • asWedit (HTML editor) v 1.1.1, A. Stochniol
  • counter v 4.0.7, George Burgyan, WWW cgi-bin access counter
  • Common Unix Printing System (CUPS), CUPS Org. I have a guide to installing it.
  • des 4.01 encryption software and libdes library v 4.01, by Eric Young. The 'libdes' library is used by samba (see below). It supports ecb, cbc, ofb, cfb, triple ecb, triple cbc, triple ofb, triple cfb, desx, and MIT's pcbc encryption modes and also has a fast implementation of crypt(3). It contains support routines to read keys from a terminal, generate a random key, generate a key from an arbitrary length string, read/write encrypted data from/to a file descriptor.
  • exim mail transport agent, Philip Hazel, Cambridge
  • FrontPage 2000 server extensions, Microsoft. Software and installation script. I  have a produced a guide on how to install it.
  • funzip
  • gimp v 99.15, GNU Image Manipulation Program (a free 'PhotoShop-like' program) by gimp, download from the US or Finland.
  • gr_top
  • iconsmith
  • imginfo
  • imgview
  • imprint
  • INN v 1.7.2. 'InterNetNews'  NNTP news server. Internet Software Consortium, ISC.   Robert Keller has compiled and ‘shrink wrapped’ v 1.4 of INN for IRIX 6.2 and has provided a 'config.dat' for IRIX 6.2 and INN v 1.7. Hypertext INN 'FAQs' and help files are at 'Mib Software'. I  have a 'guide' on installing it.
  • LinkWinds v 2.2, NASA/JPL data analysis and graphics program. It has been succeeded by WebWinds which is in beta development.
  • mpsplayer
  • mtools 2.0.7, download from sprysgi, read and write to DOS formatted partitions.
  • nedit v 5.1.1 NEdit.org. Text editor with advanced features.
  • nentrez, NCBI
  • Navigator v 4.76, Netscape.
  • Perl v 5.003, download from sprysgi
  • PGP. Network Associates is the home for PGP cryptography for email etc. 'PGP International' provides fee versions of the software. Software for all operating systems can be downloaded here. Help files, front ends etc. also available. 
  • POP & IMAP servers v 4.4. University of Washington's secure POP and IMAP servers.  I have a guide on installing them.
  • PowerChute Plus for SGI Irix v 4.2.2 AP9008, American Power Conversion
  • rbview
  • Rosegarden v 2.0 beta 2, Chris Cannam & Andy Green
  • Samba v 2.0.7, Imperial College's mirror, Sweden or Australia. This is a free 'NFS-like' server program set up by Andrew Tridgell. It compiles well in IRIX 5.3 and 6.2. I use it to access files on my Indy from NT 4.0 SP4. This is version has several important security features, so earlier versions should not be used. It includes printer support using 'CUPS'. I have a guide on installing it. This is a more recent version than the one at SGI freeware and includes CUPS.
  • sharity v 1.2, Christian Starkjohann. Daemon to allow IRIX to mount Microsoft Windows 'shares'.
  • ssh v 1, DataFellows. Secure shell for connections to the computer. I have a guide to installing it. 
  • sendmail imap-4.4
  • sox
  • tripwire v 1.3 File integrity checks to monitor for breakins, SGI.
  • turn, (Tiny-UI Read News) v 1, Mark Callow at SGI
  • Unix Cockpit UC , Vendor and ftp server at the University of Wuppertal, Germany.
  • unzip
  • unzipsfx
  • volume, Gunner Weiner
  • vmd v 1.2b2, University of Illinois, Theoretical Biophysics Group Visual molecular dynamics
  • w4w, Adobe, Word for Word file management utilities.
  • wxWindows santis, R. Vanhouten.
  • xftp v 2.0, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
  • xntpd v 3-5.90-2 University of Delaware pre-release ntp time client. The released version.
  • xpaint v 2.1.1, David Koblas or download from sprysgi.
  • xpsview v 1.0.7, Adobe ShowPS.
  • xv v 3.10a,  download from sprysgi.

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