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These are my personal links to help me get around the WWW. This 'collection' was started in 1995, before web browsers had 'bookmarks' and web sites used 'frames'. I try to keep these pages up to date. Please email me with corrections and updates. My interests are shown by the headings below. I suggest that you click on one of these to find possible links of use to you. A few links are to local files which are only visible from my PCs.

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See the Introduction and purposes of this web site. It has over 120 pages in 4.3-MB with over 5,000 hyperlinks. Visitors to the site see over 1,500 pages/day.

Universities, academic institutions & hospitals
Christopher Spry's academic work
St. Georges Hospital Medical School, London.

Computers and computing at this site


Additional computing resources from others:

IRIX Indy:

'Indy' administration. Links to the 'help' files that I use to backup and administer my Indy.

Silicon Graphics 'Indy' hardware. A list with links to information about the components.

Silicon Graphics IRIX software. A list of the IRIX programs on my Indy.

Links to other places of interest on Internet: Scientific, Medical and General Interest links.

Scientific and Medical: alphabetically by subject

Computing: computers, software and computing resources

Finding people & commercial resources

Culture and entertainment

The printed word: resources to do with libraries, magazines & book

Government organizations

Commercial & Financial

Charities, Societies & religious organizations

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