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Cardiology & cardiac surgery

Cardiovascular diseases and Research

  • Hypertension information and links run at Hypertension Network, Inc.
  • Commercial organizations & services in Cardiology

  • 'Help yourself to health', videotapes of the heart, Mediacast Pty. Ltd, Australia.
  • 'Cardiax' a computer aided instructional package of 20 planned cases in basic cardiology
  • Med Nexus, Cardiology
  • Information servers

  • Cardiology resource list
  • Franklin Institute Science Museum, 'The Heart: An Online Exploration'
  • Heart Surgery Forum
  • How to have a health heart advice 
  • Martindale's Health Science Guide, Cardiology (Annotated)
  • MedWeb,Cardiology
  • Medical Matrix, Cardiology (Annotated), Cardiovascular Surgery (Annotated)
  • Yahoo: Health:Medicine:Cardiology
  • Yahoo: Health:Diseases and Conditions:Heart Diseases
  • Societies and meetings

  • American College of Cardiology ACC
  • American Heart Association publications and links to other medical journals
  • European Society of Cardiology ESC, Nice, France. It has many links to cardiology resources.
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association HCA, USA
  • US National Marfan Foundation
  • Institutions and Hospitals

  • University of Alberta, Faculty of Medicine and Oral Health Sciences
  • Holland
  • Amsterdam, Academisch Medisch Centrum (AMC) Perfusion Group
  • Mallinckrodt Medical, Nuclear cardiology.
  • Mexico
  • National University of Mexico, Department of Biochemistry: Cardiovascular Research
  • New Zealand
  • Auckland, Heart modelling supercomputer, Engineering Science Server
  • UK
  • Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust
  • USA
  • Columbia University, aneurysms information
  • Emory University, Links to cardiology resources
  • Ohio, Medical College of Cardiology image analysis Research Center
  • Computers in Cardiology
  • Virginia Health Sciences Center, University of, Division of Pediatric Cardiology, Electronic Consultation request form
  • Yale University School of Medicine Section of Cardiovascular Disease
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