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  • 'Links for Chemists',The University of Liverpool, Department of Chemistry with 7,500 pointers to WWW Chemistry Resources. This is an excellent place to start. There is a list of websites that may have not been updated.
  • Chemical Database Service CDS, Daresbury.
  • Chemical MIME, RasMol, XMol & Explorer EyeChem, Department of Chemistry, Imperial College.
  • Chemistry MIME types resource
  • Chemspy.com. It "helps you to find chemistry and chemical engineering related terms, definitions, synonyms, acronyms and abbreviations. Also, search forms for finding MSDS/safety data, scientific publications in over 20.000 different journals, physical data of chemical compounds, worldwide patents and spectral data are available."
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Imperial College, London, Global Instructional Chemistry teaching resources in Chemistry.
  • Lenntech periodic table
  • Odyssey instructional software for the initial chemistry classes in Universities, colleges, and secondary schools.
  • Online chemistry courses at FutureLearn.
  • Sheffield University, ChemDex, Chemistry sources on internet. A comprehensive listing.
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