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Computing journal, magazines & societies

  • Internet computer magazines, listed by frequency of interconnections.
  • 'NewsLINX' links to Internet news items.
  • British Computer Society.
  • 'Byte', bought by 'CMP Net' on 30/05/1998.  'Site Discussions'.
  • CNET compting resources portal.
  • Computer Reseller News.
  • 'Computer Weekly' UK computing professionals paper.
  • 'Data Communications' magazine Networking information.
  • 'Digital Producer Magazine'
  • 'GrafixWorld' by ACGP.
  • Information Technology Degree Information on courses, career options and schools compiled by Charlie Leonard.
  • 'Inter@ctive Week', ZDNET.
  • Internet Magazine
  • Jerry Pournelle's web site.
  • Jon Udell's NNTP discussion site
  • 'Journal of Digital Information' Southampton University, UK.
  • 'Knowledge Management' USA relating to information systems
  • 'Mobile Computing'
  • 'NT Magazine'.
  • OCLC electronic journals.
  • 'PC Magazine'.
  • 'PC User Group'UK.
  • 'PC World' online, USA.
  • 'Personal Computer World', UK. VNU Business Publications with links to their many computing publications and 'MagNet'.
  • 'Portable Computing' USA.
  • 'UnixWorld', CMP's subscription-free, Web-only based magazine that provides practical, tutorial-oriented articles and columns for beginner to expert users, programmers, and system administrators of platforms running the UNIX & LINUX operating systems.
  • 'Windows Magazine' by 'CMP Net'.
  • 'WinMag.com' which has a section on Windows 2000.
  • 'ZDNet' magazines.
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