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Convert files to HTML format, cgi & Perl scripts, forms, & clickable maps

  • 'MHonArc' Internet UNIX-style email-to-HTML converter Perl 4 or 5 script by Earl Hood. Available for Windows and UNIX platforms.
  • 'AnyForm2' generic form processor
  • Fuzzy search engine at Verity
  •  Converters of files to HTML format
  • Details of the common gateway interface (CGI) for scripts to use Information services including Netscape
  • Archive of cgi programs at UIUC
  • CGI forms to email program, MIT
  • Forms on WWW - 1, NCSA
  • Making tables in HTML information
  • 'Mapedit' Software to generate clickable maps for most platforms
  • CGI Scripting Library for Perl 5
  • CGI script information
  • Perl script to count users & access to pages
  • download wwwstat-0.3 to analyze NCSA httpd_1.1 or 1.0 server access logs
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