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I have started a guide to 'Managing personal finances with a PC, finance software and internet resources'.

  • AABRS advice to small businesses and to individuals who are facing financial difficulties including care homes.
  • American Express AMEX UK has online access to personal and business accounts.
  • Aviva. Formerly Norwich Union Direct insurance.
  • Bank of England. British Government stocks (gilts) can be bought directly using their brokerage service. 
  • Bank of Scotland on line banking service, 'HOBS', one of the longest running online services.
  • 'e*Trade'  Execution-only on-line share dealing.
  • 'Euro' - Europe's Single Common Currency. Information on the 'Euro', with official and final exchange rates.
  • 'Financial Information Net Directory', (FIND). The principal UK financial portal to online information and resources.
  • Financial Conduct Authority It is a U.K. Gpvernment body that (1) secures an appropriate degree of protection for consumers, such as dealing with 'scams' (2) enhances market integrity by protecting and enhancing the integrity of the UK financial system and (3) promotes effective competition in the interests of consumers.
  • FirstDirect, a division of Midland Bank with UK online banking.
  • Hemscott UK financial portal
  • HM Revenue and Customs. UK Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax self-assessment online etc.
  • Lloyds TSB Bank includes insurance services, travel services and internet banking.
  • London Stock Exchange.
  • Mondaq.com world-wide legal, financial & regulatory information.
  • National Westminster Bank
  • Nationwide Building Society
  • Norwich Union Direct, insurance
  • Reuters. Leading financial news services.
  • Santader (including Abbey National Building Society)
  • Shareview. Manage shares online
  • TD Waterhouse UK online share dealing services
  • Travelex order commission-free money for travel abroad to collect at airports. The site, run by BA, includes a currency converter. Cashback has a £2.50 fee and credit card payments are also charged.
  • UK Government Money Advice Service, free and impartial money advice, set up by Government.
  • USA
  • Accounting Certificate Programs, an online accounting education site by Allison M.
  • Bloomberg News and information.
  • Brokers and on-line traders of stocks, mutual funds and bonds: Ameritrade and Charles Schwab which has execution-only on-line share dealing.
  • ClayTrader has a podcast which is designed to help educate investors of all experience levels, with interviews withreal traders, discussing their trading journey, and lessons they learned along the way, both positive and negative.
  • FINWeb, economics & finance server, University of Texas at Austin.
  • Fraud Information at Whistleblower
  • Investools online fnancial courses.
  • Securabilities Personal financial security advice
  • Securities and Exchange Commission, (SEC) US advice on secure Internet commerce and dealing with 'scams'.
  • Security First Network Bank (SFNB) The first 'Internet Bank' only available to US citizens.
  • Stockmaster stock data and links.
  • 'TreasuryDirect'. U.S. Treasury securities (bills, notes and bonds) andinformation.
  • 'TheStreet', finance portal.
  • 'Wachowicz's Web World' portal for finance students.
  • The Economist has provided a 'hot list' of economist web sites on 13/03/1999. "[We] polled a sample of ten top economists and five humble journalists and came up with widely different answers. Still, there were some clear favourites. We selected the top five according to three criteria: usefulness of information, ease of use and appearance." They were:

    OECD. "[It] includes comprehensive links to the statistics offices in many countries." 
    Resources for Economists on the Internet by Bill Goffe, University of Southern Mississippi. "[It] contains over 700 links to other economic sites, as well as its own reviews of the best." 
    Financial TimesWall Street JournalThe Economist
    Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley Dean Whitter. "[These] investment banks now offer free research."
    Government financial regulatory bodies

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