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Using the Internet and Internet Service Providers (ISPs)


1. Internet
2. Internet Service providers (ISPs)

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1. Internet

  • 'CyberAtlas' statistics of Internet usage etc.
  • CyberCafes, searchable listing world-wide.
  • Designing a Web Site, the Microsoft way.
  • Domain names, list of two letter names e.g. 'uk'
  • 'Four11'Search for email addresses, residential telephone numbers, and NetPhone users.
  • Hardware control over WWW.
  • 'Internet Handbook' WWW Server, Canada.
  • Internet telephone software and resources index.
  • Internet use statistics, Gopher, Merit Co.
  • Internet traffic data resources, Merit Co.
  • 'InterNIC', Internet Network Information Centre which registers domain names.
  • Lecture on the Web, Imperial College.
  • 'Medicine & the Internet on the WWW', Oxford University Press.
  •  MBONE (Multicasting Backbone) networking for video etc.
  • 'MBONE. Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet' Five chapters from a book on the MBONE.
  • 'MEDNET 96' European Congress of the Internet in Medicine. Brighton UK. 14-17 October 1996.
  • National Information Initiative documents.
  • 'Navigator' plugin resources Cosmo player etc. from Netscape.
  • Search for the owner of a domain name at InterNIC.
  •  UK WWW servers Lists at Imperial College.
  • VocalTec, Internet Phone Company.
  • VisualRoute has links to the following documents relating to Internet and its structure:

    2. Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

    Free ISPs in the UK with local telephone dialup numbers

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