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Scientific & Medical Journals


  • Academic Press Journals "IDEAL" Online scientific journal library created by Academic Press. It currently has 178 journals from Academic Press. An average of 150 issues containing over 2,000 new articles are added every month. A regularly updated listing of journal issues online is available. Full Text Access - Authorized Users at sites with a license should contact their librarians for a username and password. In order to view full text journal articles on IDEAL, a free Adobe Acrobat Reader is available from Adobe Systems Inc. for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX platforms.
  • Blackwells Scientific Publishers and journals
  • Elsevier Science journals & on line information. 'Contents Direct' alerting service to email tables of contents of selected journals.
  • Institute for Scientific Information ISI
  • Kluwer Academic Publishers information service, Holland
  • Knight-Ridder Information Inc. Data-Star Web etc., Switzerland
  • Oxford University Press OUP. Includes a searchable catalogue of OUP publications.
  • Pabst Science journals, Germany Transplantationsmedizin (Official organ of the German Transplantation Society, English abstracts); Psychologische Beitraege (Quarterly on all fields of psychology, English abstracts); Croatian Medical Journal (Quarterly on Medicine in Croatia etc) (English abstracts); Zeitung fuer Anaesthesie und Intensivmedizin (Abstracts in English and German)
  • 'PubMed': Medline, Genbank, 3D and genome searching. PubMed is an experimental service of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) with links to over 100 full text journals.
  • 'PubMed' abstracts linked to textbook information, including 'Molecular Biology of the Cell', 3rd edition. Alberts, B., Bray, D., Lewis, J., Raff, M., Roberts, K. and Watson, J.D., 1994, Garland Publishing, Inc.
  • 'PubMed' Journal Browser allows you to look up journal names, MEDLINE abbreviations, or ISSN numbers for journals that are included in the PubMed system. See Journals with Links to Full Text WWW Sites for a list of WWW full-text journals to which PubMed is currently linked.
  • 'PubMed Central' NIH repository for peer-reviewed primary research reports in the life sciences. It began accepting articles in January 2000. The site has  the full text of 'Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America' (PNAS) and over 100 other journals.
  • Swets & Zeitlinger BV Subscription services and access of publishers' online.

    Scientific & Medical Journals

  • 'BioInformer' EBI news about Bioinformatics
  •  Blackwell-Synergy journals. Over 650 are available including British Society for Immunology journals.
  • 'British Medical Journal', BMJ. Free full text version is available.
  • 'Cell''Immunity' & 'Neuron' published by Cell Press.
  • 'Current Contents', ISI
  • 'Current Opinions'. Elsevier publications. Nine life science review journals.
  • 'Expert Reviews in Molecular Medicine', University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine. A high quality experimental electronic publication started in December 1997.
  • 'Genes and Immunity'
  • 'Herz'.
  • 'Journal of Biological Chemistry' abstracts & papers.
  • 'Journal of Computing in Higher Education'
  • 'Journal of Immunology', full text available for subscribers.
  • Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.
  • Knight-Ridder's 'ScienceBase' on line searching for bio-Medical information.
  • 'Lancet'
  • 'Medical Journal of Australia' This is the first Medical on-line peer review journal.
  • National Academy Press NAP, publishers for the US National Academy of Sciences with many books on-line
  • 'Nature'
  • 'Nature Genetics'
  •  'Nature Precedings', pre-publication research, unpublished manuscripts, presentations, posters, white papers, technical papers, supplementary findings, and other scientific documents.
  • 'New Scientist'
  • 'New England Journal of Medicine'
  •  Public Library of Science, public access to their refereed journals in Science and Medicine.
  •  PLoS Biology journal started October 2003
  •  PLoS Medicine started April 2004
  • 'Postgraduate Medical Journal'
  • 'Science On-Line' version of 'Science'. Sign in. It includes the full text and graphics of 'Science' articles.
  • 'Scientific American'
  • 'The Scientist' weekly newsletter, gopher at OSI.
  • 'MEDPULSE'Weekly online resource for better patient care
  • 'World Journal Club'Biomedical electronic journal with on-line peer review, sponsored by Information Providers, Inc.
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