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1. EC/EU
2. UK
3. UN & International
4. USA

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1. EC/EU

  • 'Cordis' access, Luxembourg.
  • ECHO databases, Luxembourg.
  • 'ESPRIT' Networks of Excellence Information Service.
  • European Environment Agency EEA Collects and publishes information on the environment and sustainable living
  • EU resources, Europa.
  • European Parliament
  • EU information and links.
  • NATO
  • 2. UK

  • 10 Downing Street. Government press briefings, news and statements.
  •  e-petitions to UK Government
  • 'Directgov' UK Government public services portal
  • Charity Commissioners.
  • Countryside Council for Wales (CCW), wildlife and geology conservation agency for Wales
  • Data.Gov.UK, access to U.K. Government information
  • 'Department of Health' and 'National Health Service' (NHS)
  • English Nature wildlife and geology conservation agency for England
  • 'Foreign & Commonwealth Office' FCO Information on travel outside the UK.
  • Government Information Service 'Open Government' with links to all their resources. Data Protection Registrar and guidelines.
  • Government 'Treasury'.
  • Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)
  • Home Office. Terrorism: advice to the publicAnimals, Byelaws & Coroners Unit (ABCU)
  • Information Commissioner's Office Requirements when storing data on people and freedom of information. He maintains the public database of 'data controllers' who hold personal information.
  • Inland Revenue Service
  • Land Registry provides registration data on a property
  • Legal services 'Desktop lawyer' at Freeserve.net
  • Local Government resources and index with map of local councils in Wales.
  • London Borough of Merton, Council and services.
  • Monarchy and Royal Family. Prince of Wales.
  • National Archives, Kew, including First World War medal records.
  • National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS)
  • National Health Service portal to UK medical services.
  • 'Office for Fair Tradingimport duty regulations.
  • Office for National Statistics (ONS)..
  • Parliament, Commons and House of Lords including 'Hansard' and how to contact MPs.
  • Prison Service
  • Registry Offices in the UK.
  • Research Funds Information News Service. Information on research funding for scientists in the UK (University of Newcastle upon Tyne).
  • Royal Mail .
  • Rural Wales resources.
  • UKOnline.gov.uk Portal to UK Government information and resources.
  • UK Science City, reviews of research projects which are sponsored by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).
  • Welsh Assembly and Environment Agency (Wales)
  • 3. UN & International

  • International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA
  •  United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP
  • United Nations, New York.
  • World Health Organization, WHO, Geneva. Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, TDR.
  • 4. USA

  • A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies
  • CIA & World Fact Book.
  • FBI and 'ten most wanted' list.
  • House of Representatives.
  • 'Law Center' Court TV information on US legal matters.
  • 'Law.com' links and resources.
  • Navy.
  • Postal & bar codes.
  • 'The Whitehouse', Government portal, Washington.
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