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1. Introduction

2. Web validation software

3. Home page publishing

4. Clipart and graphics

5. WWW database applications

  • Minerva MiniSQL (mSQL) database & WWW gateway.
  • 'MySQLGUI--The MySQL Graphical Client' by Bill W. Cunningham.
  • rdb A UNIX WWW database from Revolutionary Software.
  • Allaire's 'Cold Fusion' and 'HomeSite' Web application development tool for Windows NT and 95 servers. It integrates Oracle and ODBC compliant databases like Access, MS SQL 6.5, DB2 through CAE, etc. with the Web and builds interactive Web applications for intranets or the Internet.
  • WWW-DBMS Gateways.
  • 6. Webcams

    7. Microsoft's 'FrontPage 2000' (as used by this web) and 'Visual InterDev'

  • 'FrontPage98 and 2000'. FrontPage 2000 server extension for UNIX. Microsoft. SupportAdvanced supportFrontPage server extensions download and information. Use of 'forms' on FrontPage webs. Akorn Access threaded discussions, Support at SiteCraftersPMP, Thomas Rowe's support site.
  • FrontPage 2000 server extension resource kit.
  • FrontPage98 User Group, Gordon Associates UK.
  • J-Bots for FrontPage 2000. Fifty 'add-ins' including credit card validation.
  • 'Thunderstone' search engine for FrontPage webs. This is said to work better than the supplied 'search bot'.
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