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Starting places & indexes of URLs

This page lists comprehensive search engines. Indexes of search engines and use of several search engines.Search for: people on Internet, Usenet postings, software & files on ftp servers, Companies with web sites on Internet, Scientific and Academic resources. 


1.   Comprehensive search engines
2.   Indexes of search engines and use of several search engines
3.   Person2Person and expert sites
4.   Search for people on Internet
5.   Search Usenet postings
6.   Software & files on ftp servers
7.   Find Companies with web sites on Internet
8.   Find Scientific and Academic resources
9.   Other databases and selected web sites
10. Information about search engines and search techniques

1. Comprehensive search engines

  • 4Anything.com, search for and access community and city portals of information.
  • 'AllTheWeb' by 'Fast Search and Transfer ASA', Norway. Over 200 million web pages indexed on fast servers.
  • 'Alta Vista' If in doubt, start here. It has almost everything indexed: Internet resources, Usenet, email information, etc. Digital's search engine has information from over 31 million web pages on more than 225,000 servers. You can enter queries or use it to find pictures, videos or sound files, including MP3. 'Alta Vista UK'.
  • 'All-in-One'
  • 'Ask Jeves' question input
  • 'CUSI', 'SUSI' at Hinxton Hall. People, places, information and resources on Internet.
  • 'Direct Hit' Indexed by popularity
  • 'Electric Monk' question input
  • 'Excite'
  • 'Google', my favourite search engine for web pages, images online and Usenet news postings.
  • 'Hotbot'
  • 'Infoseak'
  • 'Lycos'UK
  • 'Mamma'
  • MisterWhat index of businesses & shops in the UK listed in each town
  • 'MonkeySweat' search engine, Ontario, Canada.
  • 'MSN' Microsoft's search engine
  • Opera with built-in VPN for privacy
  • Privado search engine that is private
  • 'Scoot UK'
  • 'Search.com' at CNET
  • 'Search UK'
  • 'Vivisimo'
  • 'WebCrawler' yellow pages; maps; people; products; books; horoscopes; classifieds; stock quotes; weather; music.
  • 'WiseNut'
  • 'Yahoo!, UK. One of the best search engines. It has a classified section.
  • 2. Indexes of search engines and use of several search engines

    3. Person2Person and expert sites

    4. Search for people on Internet

    5. Search Usenet postings

  • 'Google Groups'. Search 'all' Usenet messages for information. This is where I go for current information.
  • Selected Usenet postings that contain URLs.
  • 'NewzBot'. Search for public Usenet servers.
  • 6. Software & files on ftp servers

  • 'Westnet Software and files on ftp servers.
  • 7. Find Companies with web sites on Internet

  •  Marketplace at Microsoft. Search for companies in the USA.
  • UK 'Yellow Pages' UK business numbers and addresses.
  • US 'Yellow Pages' USA business numbers and addresses.
  • 8. Find Scientific and Academic resources

    9. Other databases and selected web sites

  • Best of the Web Awards, USA.
  • 'Cool Site of the Day' New York links to selected 'cool' sites.
  • 'Ebig.com'.
  • 'GoTo.com' Software; sweepstakes; recipes; auctions; football; investments; grab bag; travel; games; automobiles; screensavers; jewellery.
  • 'Whois' Owners of Internet names.
  • 10. Information about search engines and search techniques

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