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Web software: servers, analysis, logs, proxy, email, news and picture servers, and firewalls

This page is for people who want to setup their own WWW resources. Most of the links refer to software for computers running Microsoft's 'Windows'.


1. Web server software

  •  15 Seconds. Information on Active Server Pages (ASPs).
  • 'Apache' free WWW server for UNIX, Win'95 and NT. Download from Imperial College, London. This is the most popular server.
  • FlashMX is used to create complex multilayer web animations. From Macromedia and a part of their $899 'Studio MX' software bundle, which includes Director MX, FireWorks MX, ColdFusion MX and Freehand,
  • Freenet, a peer-to-peer network designed to allow the distribution of information over the Internet in an efficient manner, without censorship.
  • Microsoft's Internet Information Server IIS v 5 also uses the Index Server for web searches.
  • SGI's VRML 'Cosmo Player' for Netscape v 3 for Windows95 and Windows NT (1.8MB).
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe to Netscape's 'In-Box Direct' information services sent by email: news, technology, stock prices etc.
  • Sound software for WWW.
  • WebReference.com. Web design tips, tutorials, software and advice.
  • XML.com XML markup language
  • The 'top' 50 free submission directories for the web, listed at Comunica. Submit web sites them for more exposure.
  • Articles on preparing clean URLs:

    For Apache, nearly all modules can be found at modules.apache.org. Links to useful information about mod_rewrite can be found atmodrewrite.com. There is a good overview of content negotiation on Apache.

    IIS does not have the strong module culture of Apache, but iismodules.com lists many commercially and freely available modules andiisanswers.comiisfaq.com, and iis-resources.com have related links and more detailed information on using filters with IIS.

    2. Web server analysis software

    3. Web server log analysis software

    4. Personal proxy server software

    5. email servers

    6. News servers

    7. Picture servers

    8. Fax sending and receiving

    9. Personal firewall software

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