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Purposes of this site

This page was written by Christopher Spry. The initial purpose of my Internet site in 1995 was to provide information on the academic, computing and Internet resources at the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Cardiovascular Immunology Research Group. The BHF Group closed in April 1996 and Christopher Spry retired on 30 September 1998.

The initial website 'http://sprysgi.sghms.ac.uk/~cspry' was started in March 1995 on a Silicon Graphics 'Indy' computer, using Netscape's 'WebForce Magic' server software and the Netscape 1.0S browser. It was one of the first to provide an Internet resource for Cardiologists, Immunologists and those interested in applying these techniques in information technology for Medical Research. The server was updated to the Netscape's 'Communications' server in September 1995, then Netscape's 'FastTrack' server in January 1998 and Apache v 1.3.12 in 2000. Since 2009, this web has been updated, edited and published using Adobe's Dreamweaver software, with PHP and Google's 'Custom Search'.

This web is now hosted by IX Web Hosting at http://cspry.co.uk/. There is a mirror site at Zen Internet. It has over 220 pages in over 80 MB with over 6,000 hyperlinks. Visitors see over 1,500 pages/day. 

I have documented many of the steps involved in setting up webs and resources on the Indy. Others who are setting up their own Internet resources may find information here of use to enable their own resources to improve access to Medical Research and clinical data.

This site retains its original purpose to provide stepping stones to the many valuable WWW resources available to Clinical Scientists. It has information on the academic work done in the Group and information on the computing resources that were set up for the Group. A useful functions of this web site is the indexed lists of useful links to medical, academic and general interest sites on the Internet.

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